The Company invests in a diversified portfolio of quoted and unquoted securities of companies, which are engaged in various businesses with a history of strong operating and financial performance. The Company keeps a balancing investment approach and maintains a combination of value and growth.

The Company believes that its investments provide a sustainable competitive advantage in volatile markets and would contribute to its dividend income as well as any profits that may be realized on sale of such investments. The Company primarily focus on a long-term value creation strategy rather that short term profits and cash flows.

The Company’s primary sources of income consist of dividend income and net profit on sale of investments.

Present Business:
The Company has been established with the object of Import, Export and investing in shares, properties, bonds and other securities and financing industrial enterprises in India. At present the Company proposed to start the business of investment in shares and securities and to finance the industrial enterprises in India. Looking to the vast potential of industrial development in the country there exists very good opportunity for making good and productive investments in the country, therefore the directors are of the opinion that the company would be able to pay reasonable dividend on the capital of the Company within a reasonable time, barring unforeseen circumstances.