Welcome to Bullish Bonds & Holdings ltd

The company was incorporated as public ltd company on 28th Aug 1981 under the Companies’ Act 1956 And obtained certificate for commencement of business on 7th Sep 1981 from the Registrar of companies, Kolkata West Bengal.

The company was engaged in the business of investment in shares and securitites and to finance industrial enterprises in India. We are also planning to invest in cryptocurrencies due to its constant surge in recent years. In that sense, the cryptosoft erfahrung greatly helps professionals as well as newbies to trade bitcoin in a secure manner. As per its object clause in the memorandam of association.

The company has promoted by the group of professional and businessman having good experience of all types of trade and business whos name appears under head signatories to the memorandum of association. Here is the information on how to buy stocks and shares 2021 for new traders who aspire to take their business to next level.

The Company is currently listed at Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited.

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